Amazon Kindle Fire for $199

Maybe I should have waited a little longer to get my Kindle.

I bought my first Amazon Kindle early this year shortly after Amazon introduced the version with special offers (basically, the Kindle displays ads when it is in the sleep mode, but for the price of $114, it’s worth it because the ads don’t bother me at all when reading my own documents, mostly in PDF format). The reason I got a Kindle instead of a tablet, such as an iPad, is that I want to use it to read documents that I otherwise have to read on my laptop. I am already spending more than 14 hours a day in front of the computer doing work and other stuff. So I can get away from a computer, it would be perfect for me. Kindle gives me just what I wanted, reading at anywhere.

After using my Kindle for nearly half a year, I really like that little device: It’s light (only 8.5 ounces), it doesn’t hurt my eyes even after reading for hours (it uses E Ink), and it has very long batter life (two months of battery life). I can even use my Kindle to go online via Wi-Fi connection if I want to. But since it’s only black and white, the quality isn’t that great as you can imagine. If there’s anything that I am not very happy with, it’s the size of the screen. It’s kind of small with the keyboard at the the bottom taking a large portion of the overall size, especially when reading native PDF files (but I found a solution to resize the PDF files to make the reading experience a little better).

Amazon Kindle FireOf course, the Kindle that I have doesn’t really do much. Reading, web browsing, and listening songs. That’s pretty much it. But today, with the introduction of the Kindle Fire, the latest tablet from Amazon that may challenge Apple’s dominance in tablet.

There are a few things I like about Kindle Fire. First, it’s an Android based table. As I mentioned early, I don’t really like Apple, so if I would buy a table, it would be an Android based. Second, it no longer has the keyboard as my Kindle does, meaning bigger screen. Third, it’s still quite light at 14.6 ounces and quite small, ideal to carry around. And finally, the touch, color display. All these features make Kindle Fire an ideal device because, from what I can see people do with tablets, play games, watch video, go online, and check email, you can do all these with Kindle Fire.

It will be some time the first Kindle Fire will be shipped on November 15, 2011, just before the holiday season. I may just go ahead and get another one :)

Are you interested in getting a Kindle Fire?