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Trade ETFs for Free

“Can I buy and sell ETFs without paying any commission fee?” Yes, you can. Actually, you don’t need to have a lot of money to trade exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for free these days and your choices of where to get commission-free ETFs are plenty. As Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) continue to gain popularity among cost-conscious […]

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Scottrade Options First Review

As I have discussed many times here before, I am using Scottrade as my main broker for stocks and ETFs trading. For that, Scottrade has multiple platforms that make trading easy for investors, whether you are at home (ScottradeElite stand alone platform), away from your residence (Scottrade web interface), or on the go (Scottrade mobile […]

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Zecco Wall Street Facebook App: Trade Stocks from Facebook

In the past couple of years, social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn (LNKD, which went public as the first social media last week)  and Twitter have  become very popular. They are not only tools for social connections, but also a channel for business. As a result, more and more companies are now increasingly turning to social […]

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Schwab Global Account Review: Another Way to Buy Foreign Stocks with Local Currencies

Back in 2007 when the China’s stock market was red hot (Shanghai Composite Index peaked in October 2008 and since then lost nearly two-third of its value), I got myself an E*Trade Global Trading Account and bought two stocks that were traded in Hong Kong using the account. Though there are plenty of Chinese ADRs […]

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2013 401(K) Contribution Limit Is $17,500

If you are a participant of an employer sponsored retirement plan, such a 401(K) plan, then there’s a good news for you to save more for your future retirement. Starting next January, you will be able to put $500 more into the plan than what you can contribute this year. The IRS announced yesterday that […]

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CIT Bank CD Rates and Terms

These days, if you want to have a short-term saving vehicle that gives you better than 1% APY yield, you will have to look at Certificate of Deposit (CD) instead of the more liquid savings accounts, thanks to the Fed’s low rate policy that has been in place since 2008. The policy was designed to […]

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Free Real-Time Stock Portfolio Tracker

Which tool are you using to track your investment portfolio, in real-time and free? Actually, there are quite a few web tools that let you create and track your investments for free. For example, you can create a portfolio tracker using Yahoo or Google Finance and from there, you can either manually enter transactions yourself or […]

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Refinance with Provident Funding

We bought our current house in April 2010 and since then, we had refinanced our mortgage three times already, bringing the interest rate of our 15-year fixed mortgage from 4.25% of the original loan all the way down to 2.875% when we refied the last time in May (you probably can get a better deal […]

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