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Double Aisle Duty (Part 1)

While financial experts swear up and down, “Leave your children at home when you shop,” how many parents really have that luxury? I know I often don’t. Admittedly not the best tactic, I’ve been known a time or two to placate my young boys with a snack or sucker while I make a mad dash […]

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Have Hungry Kid, Will Shop

Nothing threatens a grocery budget (and a parent’s sanity more) than a hungry child in a grocery store. Sure, we all know it’s best to shop while you and your kiddo aren’t hungry. Heck, it’s best to shop without kiddos in tow at all. But what’s “best”, “ideal” and “easiest” isn’t always possible. So the […]

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Take Control of Your Finances (Part 2)

Last week, I shared the first 4 steps to taking control of your finances. This week my article continues with 2 more steps: 5. Take stock and move money around.  Target the expenses you can have an immediate effect on. These likely include the monthly grocery bill, eating out, and – believe it or not – your tax […]

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Take Control of Your Finances (Part 1)

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that bringing more money in will solve your financial struggles, but it’s important to remember that those supposed “added” funds come with their own price tag. Make more money, you’ll pay more in taxes. Work more hours to bring in more pay, you lose valuable time […]

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Discounted Ways to De-Stress

With the economy the way it is, stress for all of us is at an all-time high while the money in our bank accounts may be struggling at an all-time low. Don’t neglect your sanity (or your blood pressure), though. Fortunately there are plenty of ways to de-stress at a discounted price. So the next time […]

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Alternative Uses for Ordinary Stuff

Got a household problem or challenge that needs a solution? Chances are you don’t have to spend a dime to find it. There are plenty of multi-tasking items around your home masquerading as plain old ordinary “stuff”. If you want to solve your dilemma while saving some money, too, get ready to help some of […]

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Dressing Up Humble Soup

It’s cheap. It’s warm. It’s (usually) super easy to make, and it’s tummy-filling. What it often is not, though, is exciting. Let’s face it, soup can be plain old boring. But many of us could benefit from having soup as a main meal at least a couple times a week. Fortunately, though, there’s many ways to gussy up […]

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How Honesty Pays You Back

The truth may indeed set you free, but it can help improve you bottom line, too, in very real ways. From honesty with others to ‘fessing up and coming clean with yourself, here are just a few of the specific ways that owning up to the truth will not only leave your conscience clean but […]

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