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Freeze to Save Money and Gain Convenience

I love my freezer. Not only does it save me money by enabling me to stock up on stuff when it’s on sale, but it helps me stockpile convenience, too, for those times when I’m running short on, well, time. But there are tips, tricks and strategies for getting the most out of your freezer […]

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What to Throw When

A big—no, strike that—a HUGE part of saving money is protecting what you’ve invested in. It pays to know about how long you can expect something to last and exactly when to throw it out. So here’s a quick run-down on many items that you may be wondering about. Pantry Staples White rice will keep […]

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The Real Cost of Extreme Couponing

If you’re concerned with saving money and intrigued by thrifty living, then you’ve likely watched or at least caught glimpses of the extreme couponing shows currently being featured across the airwaves or read a few articles on the topic. It’s true. People really can save thousands of dollars and build stockpiles enviously able to care […]

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(Cheap) Must-Haves for Parents

I’ve been around the block a few times, and I’ve made said trip with kiddos in tow. As a result, I’ve come to learn there are few key “must-haves” every parent should have in his or her arsenal of tricks at all times. Fortunately, too, all of these items are cheap. But they’re absolutely worth […]

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Sites that Help You Lose Weight for Free

Now that the new year is upon us, it’s time for all those well-intended resolutions. And for many of us that means trying to drop a few pounds or just making an effort to eat healthier. If you fall into one of these categories, keep reading! As with nearly everything else, even the business of […]

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Resolve to Save Money and Energy

The beginning of the new year is traditionally the time when many of us will turn our thoughts to shedding extra pounds in an effort to become healthier, but it’s also the perfect time to think about reducing our energy consumption in an effort to help the environment as well as our bottom line. If […]

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Frugal and Fun Gift Wrapping Ideas

Forget what’s inside the package, it’s often the outside that can cost a bundle! Gift wrapping alone has fast become an art as well as a drain on the budget. The good news is, though, that you don’t have to trade your cash for flashy packaging. You really can keep your budget and get great […]

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Saving Money in the New Year

Running the rat race that is “keeping up with the Jones” is exhausting. Not only that, it’s an empty endeavor. If you’re not too busy working to afford it, then you’re likely too busy watching everyone else live and not focusing on your own life. Want to have your cake and eat it too? Itis […]

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