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Evergreen Financial Activities that Never Go Out of Style

Your clothes, shoes, cars and home furnishings will go in and out of style over the next 20 years as they have over the past 20 years. Music will change, television shows will end and dog breeds will fall in and out of favor. One thing that never changes, however, is how you should treat […]

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How Concerned Are You About Net Worth?

One of the first things many people do when creating their own financial plan is to determine their net worth. By adding all assets and subtracting all liabilities they will create a financial starting point that indicates how healthy their situation is or isn’t. But relying too much on this number itself without properly weighing […]

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Summer Yard Prep for Pennies

It’s summer and the weather is great! Well, it’s summer where I am and chances are it’ll reach you pretty soon too. And when it does, you may want to create a backyard tropical paradise so you can get away from it all without spending any money of gas or hotel rooms. Well here are […]

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Are Stop-Loss Orders Still Safe?

If you own shares in one of the 3 stocks that rapidly lost value last week (3M, Proctor and Gamble, and Accenture), then you might be wondering whether or not a stop order (or stop-loss) is a good idea. In case you don’t know, a stop-loss is a standing order you place to sell a […]

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Rewarding Yourself with Rewards Programs

Rewards programs and loyalty incentives are not the exclusive domain of credit card companies. Many retail establishments are realizing the benefit of offering their repeat customers loyalty-based rewards that are not tied to a credit card and are giving free merchandise, meals and discounts in exchange for them. But how do you know if your […]

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How Would You Treat Your Neighbor?

You know, it’s really unfair that only certain people get to make billions on the inability of some consumers to make their house payments each month. It’s also unfair that insurance company executives make money by sometimes disregarding the health of their policyholders. Of course, I’m so distracted by figuring out whether or not Sandra […]

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An Insider’s Insight into Cutting the Cable Cord

A few weeks ago, my household joined the 800,000 others who have abandoned cable recently in favor of watching television shows for free over the internet. For me, that means a $70 monthly reduction in my cable bill. During these first few cable-free weeks we have had some fun, some frustration and, I’m not afraid […]

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10 Ways to Save Money and Earth

Like many things, Earth Day, April 22nd, carries a lot of political baggage. There are those who celebrate Earth Day because they believe in (and want to stop) climate change, and there are those who eschew Earth Day and all the hippie lore they think it stands for. No matter what side of the political […]

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