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Knowing When to Upgrade

A few weeks ago when we brought up the idea of household debt panels, we talked about the way that many people attempt to upgrade their appearance with expensive cars, clothes and other items even when they can’t afford to because their possessions act as a mask to their true financial identity. Believe it or not, […]

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5 Tips to Make Your Home Seem Bigger

Home and Garden Television (HGTV) has a lot of shows that could easily fill the normal viewer with “home envy.” One of these programs is “House Hunters.” “House Hunters” is a show about people who are searching the perfect new home or condo to purchase. One of the major reasons why people seem to want […]

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Is Offsite Storage a Practical Expense?

My husband and I have a long-standing war over stuff. Hubby is practical and sentimental and I am unemotional and crave freedom from things that weigh me down… things like stuff. When we aren’t using an object, my unemotional hands try to fling it to the nearest trash can. Hubby’s sentimental side compels him to […]

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Is Your Budget Making You Bitter?

Last week, I wrote a post about the $70 night out I had with my husband. In the cheap night out post I knocked myself for spending a week’s worth of grocery money on one dinner and a movie. Luckily, Len Penzo of Len Penzo dot Com stopped by and slapped a little bit of […]

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Planning a Cheap Night Out

Apparently, I don’t get out much. This weekend, Hubby and I decided to go out with another couple for dinner and a movie. 4 hours and $70 later I was in the car on the way home with a stunned expression on my face trying to figure out where it all went wrong. You know, […]

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Household Debt Panel

I think the goal of almost every single person on Earth is to go through many stages of upgrading his or her life. Remember the car you drove when you were a teenager? Well there is no way you want to drive that car foreve – heck no, you want to upgrade. From the car […]

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Squeezing One Last Deduction out of 2009

Surprisingly, many people do not realize that they can still get one last deduction out of 2009 even though their current calendar reads 2010. No, this isn’t fantasy or traffic grasping SEO hype — there really is one way for you to still get another deduction on your 2009 taxes. Ready? Here goes: If you […]

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Avoiding the Stock-Up Sale

I was once a big fan of stocking up on things when they were on sale. I used to think this was a great way to be frugal — buying things on sale before I needed them in anticipation of the time when I would. After a few years I accumulated so many unused items […]

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