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Lessons Learned While Watching MTVs True Life: I Have Broke Parents

Hi, my name is Yolander and I sort of have an addiction. What am I addicted to? Well, it’s not dangerous, it’s not expensive, and I can safely operate a vehicle after I’ve indulged in it… I’m addicted to the MTV documentary series, True Life. I tend to be a bit of a voyeur which […]

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4 Ways to Soften the Sting of Unemployment

While it seems that unemployment numbers may be dropping, there are still millions of people who are out of work right now. Being unemployed is not only damaging to the self-esteem of those affected but it is also really hard on the pocketbook because unemployment benefits are not commensurate with your former salary and not […]

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7 Ways to Control Spending when You Have Out-of-Town Guests

When you live in a fun state to visit, like I do, you are frequently barraged with incoming guests. It starts with a simple phone call, “Hey, we’re on vacation in March and we are coming down to visit you . Mind if we bunk in the guest room?” Not wishing to ruin anyone’s great […]

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Dangers of Frugality

Sometimes in our quest to save money we make… well… bad decisions. We try to save money by doing repairs ourselves or we contract inexperienced workers to do work around our home for us. These decisions may seem smart when you see a full wallet after your repair or other service is done, but they […]

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Free is to Frugal as Clear is to Water

Of course, finding something for nothing that is actually worth having can be difficult and, I am not going to lie, time consuming. Like we discussed in our coupons post, the value of your time and resources must be considered when you are researching or working for discounts and free stuff. Of course, there is […]

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Indulge Your Resolutions without Breaking the Bank

This weekend you and hundreds of millions of others made a list of New Year’s resolutions. On this list you vowed to eat better, exercise more, and spend less money. Ironically, the first thing that many people do after resolving to spend less money is … go out and spend a bunch of money to […]

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Getting Ready to Create Your 2010 Budget

If you are like me then you have thought long and hard about your 2010 budget … but you haven’t actually committed it to paper yet. Maybe you are one of the lucky few whose financial situation is left unchanged by 2009 and you can continue using your 2009 budget into 2010. But chances are, […]

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Give Yourself a Bonus for 2009

With businesses still struggling to keep employees in this economy, 2009 year-end bonuses are in short supply. Even when bonuses were small, they were still fun little gifts that allowed you to put a few extra dollars into the savings account, buy a couple of fun items for yourself, and fix up your wardrobe. Just […]

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