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Four Quick and Easy Ways Not to Blow Your Budget during the Holidays

Okay, I love the holiday season. Love it. And I am the biggest sucker for holiday related consumer goods. Holiday themed peppermint flavored drinks? Yes please. Jingle bell shaped earrings? I’ll take two. The Nutcracker on ice starring that guy who did the voice of Papa Smurf? Oh, I wouldn’t dream of not buying tickets. […]

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Frugal Gift Buying

In this last installment of our Frugal Holidays series, we’d like to talk about frugal gift buying (Part 1 Frugal Holiday Entertaining, Part 2 Frugal Holiday Food). Gift buying can be fun but during years when savings accounts are not as plush as we’d like, 401k balances are still struggling to make a comeback and […]

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Serving Holiday Food Frugally

This is the second part of our Frugal Holiday series. In the first part last week, we talked about frugal holiday entertaining. If you are cooking the big holiday meal in your family, you probably don’t want to forsake food quality for frugality… but you also don’t want to empty out your bank account for […]

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Frugal Holiday Entertaining

This is the first post in our frugal holiday series. Saving money during the holidays is no small feat and anyone who manages to accomplish it should be praised and envied. Our frugal holiday series is going to focus on saving money in three areas: Frugal Holiday Entertaining Serving Holiday Food Frugally Frugal Gift Buying […]

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The True Cost of a Coupon

Like many frugal femmes, I love to clip coupons. Every Sunday I relax with a cup of tea, a sharp pair of scissors and the Sunday paper. I flip through all the coupons and clip any I see for products that I regularly use. Recently, I’ve noticed many stores pointing consumers toward the use of […]

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The Argument against Frugality

Sometimes, the best way to convince a person that they need to do something is to show them what a bad decision it is to do the opposite. There are countless articles, blog posts, books and lectures about the power of being frugal. Since this line of content is still a booming business, that must […]

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