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CIT Bank CD Rates and Terms

These days, if you want to have a short-term saving vehicle that gives you better than 1% APY yield, you will have to look at Certificate of Deposit (CD) instead of the more liquid savings accounts, thanks to the Fed’s low rate policy that has been in place since 2008. The policy was designed to […]

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EverBank Yield Pledge Money Market Account Review

These days, we all know that the money we hold at banks, whether it’s a traditional B&M bank or an online bank, won’t give us much in return as we used to get in the past. As I have discussed early in a post about 2011 best high-yield savings accounts that if you look around, […]

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Ally Bank Rate Guarantee

As we all know that the Federal Reserve Bank has put its interest rate on hold for nearly three years, a policy that had prevented the economy from slipping further into recession three years ago and aims to spur growth and recovery now that the recession has ended. While the Fed is idle, commercial banks […]

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How to Open Sallie Mae Savings Account

Sallie Mae Bank is the online banking division of Sallie Mae, the student loan provider. Even though Sallie Mae Bank is the new comer in the online banking area which is previously dominated by well-known names such ING Direct and FNBO Direct, it was quickly recognized as one of the best online banks. In the […]

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How to Open FNBO Direct Savings Account

FNBO Direct, the online division of First National Bank of Omaha, is a popular online bank that offers savers a wide range of financial products from high-yield savings account to interest checking account to credit card. Among FNBO’s products, its Online Savings Account is one of the best savings accounts out there. Currently paying an […]

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