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Has Personal Capital Become Useless?

It seems so, to me at least. A few months ago, I reviewed Personal Capital’s 401(K) fee analyzer shortly after the free tool was launched. My first impression of the tool was that the tool could be helpful for people, including myself, who are concerned with the overall cost of their employer sponsored retirement plans. […]

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TradeKing LIVE Review: Real-Time Platform for All Trading Needs

A while ago, I compared web-based trading platforms from some leading online discount brokers, such as Scottrade, TradeKing, and ShareBuilder, etc. In that post, I shared my personal experience of trading stocks from these brokers’ main web portals. Even though I found myself trading more and more from mobile phone these days, not every broker […]

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Scottrade Options First Review

As I have discussed many times here before, I am using Scottrade as my main broker for stocks and ETFs trading. For that, Scottrade has multiple platforms that make trading easy for investors, whether you are at home (ScottradeElite stand alone platform), away from your residence (Scottrade web interface), or on the go (Scottrade mobile […]

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Zecco Wall Street Facebook App: Trade Stocks from Facebook

In the past couple of years, social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn (LNKD, which went public as the first social media last week)  and Twitter have  become very popular. They are not only tools for social connections, but also a channel for business. As a result, more and more companies are now increasingly turning to social […]

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Does Scottrade Have Hidden Fees?

I have been trading stocks with Scottrade for more than 10 years. Over the same period of time, I have opened a number of stock brokerage accounts at different firms and tried different things with each of them, but at the end, Socttrade remains the broker I use. The reason for being a loyal customer […]

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How to Open a Personal Capital Account

I have been using Personal Capital for a little over over two weeks since I opened an account in the middle of September. Though initially I just wanted to use it to analyze the cost of my employer sponsored 401(K) plan, I found that it is more than just a fee analyzer. I can use […]

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PerkStreet Debit Card: No Fee, Earn 2% Cash Back

These days, free checking accounts are getting harder and harder to find, thanks to the new government policies introduced in the past couple of years. Not too long ago, everybody seemed to take a free checking account for granted. It doesnt’ matter how big or small the account it, the account owner usually enjoyed the […]

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Firstrade Free Dividend Reinvestment Plan for Stocks and ETFs

I have previously talked about dividend reinvestment plans offered for free by discount brokers such as Scottrade and TradeKing. The difference between these two is that you can invest dividend payouts from stocks and ETFs for free at TradeKing, but that’s not possible as of now at Scottrade. As I noted before, it’s kind of […]

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