Why TradeKing Is The Best Discount Broker for Stocks and Options Trading

Nowadays, if you are looking for a cheap broker to trade stocks or options, you will find yourself face many different choices, with each has its own products, services, and pricing schedules. Among online discount brokers, TradeKing is known for its low commission cost and excellent customer service. If you are looking for an online broker that’s cheap (in terms of trading cost), easy to use, and user friendly, take a look at TradeKing (see TradeKing review for more detiails). There are plenty of reasons to select TradeKing as your online stock broker and the following are only a few of them that make TradeKing stand out from the crowd.

1. Excellent customer service

While trading commissions always play a key role when evaluating a discount broker, customer service can’t simply be ignored, even though sometimes it seems great customer service is a thing of the past. At TradeKing, if you need help with your trades or other general question, you will experience short hold times, fast email responses and instant online broker chat. That’s why both SmartMoney and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance have rated their Customer Service the highest ratings in their latest broker surveys.

2. Fair and simple pricing

At TradeKing, you will pay just $4.95 per trade for online stock trades, plus 65 cents per option contract. Even if you need help from TradeKing when placing an order, the commission is the same as the online trade at $4.95, while at other discount brokers, commissions for broker-assisted trades are usually much higher.┬áTradeKing doesn’t have a minimum account deposit requirement to open an account and there’s no hidden fees. Their low commissions are pretty amazing when comparing with other discount brokers. But what’s really amazing is everything you get for the price.

3. Innovative Trader Network

Throughout these years,  TradeKing has kept improving their trading system and tools that help investors better understand stocks and options trading, as well as the stock market in general, in order to become better investors. TradeKing offers free educational online webinar to all investors, whether you are a customer or not. Through their online community, you can watch and interact with fellow traders and pros. You can share experiences, ideas and strategies. See what others are trading and how they are performing. You can even gather insights and analysis from the pros.

4. Right tools to help you make the right trades

When you open your account, you’ll get instant access to our award-winning suite of powerful research and trading tools, like MarketGrader Research Reports, our Maxit Tax Manager, Probability Calculator, Profit and Loss Calculator, Stock and Option Screeners, Technical Analysis Tools and much, much more. It’s all free to every client, with no minimum balances or minimum number of trades.

5. Account secure and protected up to $25 million

Finally, with TradeKing you know the safety of your information always tops their priority list. TradeKing website uses industry-leading encryption technology to ensure a safe and secure web experience. And, with SIPC protection plus additional third-party insurance, you can sleep easy at night, knowing your assets are safe and sound with us up to the tune of $25 million.

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