October 2009 Unemployment Rate 10.20% – Chart of the Day

The economy has grown again, but the labor market showed no sign of improving. Actually, if you look at the the unemployment report released this morning, you will probably feel things are getting worse, not better.

In the latest job report, the government said that the nation’s monthly unemployment rate reached 10.20%, the highest level in more than 26 years. For a long time, we have been warmed that the unemployment rate may reach double-digit, but it seems that it came a little earlier than expected.

October 2009 Unemployment Rate 10.20%

Despite the huge amount of money the government has spent to pull the economy out of the deepest recession in 70 years, the job market is still very weak. In October, U.S. employers shed 190,000 non-farm positions. The number of jobs lost in a month is the lowest so far in 2009, but the number of unemployed person increased 558,000 in October, pushing the total number of people without a job to 15.7 million. Since the recession began in December 2007, more than 8.2 million workers have lost their jobs.

The economy may be recovering (GDP grew 3.5% in the third quarter), but we probably won’t feel any real improvement until we all have jobs.

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