Citi Simplicity® Card 0% APR Balance Transfer for 18 Months

These days, it’s pretty difficult to find a credit card that doesn’t offer any reward to cardholder. I remember when I got my first ever credit card nearly 15 years ago, it was very rare for a card issuer to give cardholder any benefit of using the card. For me, I was happy to just have a credit card so that I could start to build credit. I never thought about getting some back for using credit cards. Things have changed a lot over the years. Nowadays, almost every credit card in the prime card category offers card members some sorts of benefits, cash back, miles, or points, and 1% rewards on every dollar spent are pretty standard. If I go shop for a credit card today, I wouldn’t even consider any cards that don’t come with a nice membership rewards program or sign up bonus, unless there’s something that’s truly special.

One credit card, Citi Simplicity® Card, belongs to the latter category. Unlike other Citibank credit cards that give you rewards in one form or another, the Simplicity Card offers no benefit to cardholder at all. What you will get from this card instead is a 0% APR introductory period that’s one and a half years long. There is no short of credit cards that offer 0% APR for balance transfer or purchase, but 12-month is what you usually gets from such an offer. The 18-month 0% APR offer from Citi Simplicity® Card is what makes the card different from others. Since there’s no other benefits from this card, I would imagine that those who want to apply for the Simplicity Card mainly go after the exceptionally long zero interest period to make big purchases, either using the card to pay for the purchase directly or making balance transfer with the card and using the money for whatever purpose. The 18-month no interest promotion period makes the card an ideal tool to get a short-term loan. Think about it. If you go to people to people lending sites such as Lending Club to borrow a 36-month loan, you would have to 6+% interest rate for the money you borrowed even if you have top-rate credit. It’s quite obvious that Citi Simplicity® Card is a better choice in this case even though you won’t get 36 months for the interest free loan.

To make the offer even more appealing, Citi Simplicity® Card charges no late fees and no penalty rate. It means that even if you are late in making payment, your rate will not go up, like what will happen with other credit cards. This isn’t just for the introductory rate for the balance transfer or purchase. Cardholders can enjoy this benefit all the time. And best of all, this card has no annual membership fee.

If you are looking for a credit card that can simplify the way to manage, you may want to consider Citi Simplicity® Card.

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