TrustedID Review: ID Freeze and Credit Freeze for Identity Theft Protection

Are you using any credit monitoring service? If you are, which program is your favorite?

The collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market four years ago led the economy into the severest recession since the great depression. The financial crisis afterwards has fundamentally altered how mortgage applications are processed. If you have recently obtained a mortgage, you know very well what lenders now require from you in order to see whether you are a qualified borrower or not. Among many factors that will determine your qualification, the most important one is your credit history. People with poor credit not only are being scrutinized harder during the loan application, but also face the possibility of having to pay more because the term of their loan may not be as favorable as those who have excellent credit.

With all these changes in the way we obtain credit products such as a loan or a credit card these days, having and maintaining a good credit history becomes more important than ever. One way to stay on top of one’s credit is to keep a close eye on activities in your credit report by using a credit monitoring service. With such a service, you will be alerted if anything unauthorized, such as a new credit card that you didn’t open, appears in your report.

There are a lot of credit protection services out there. One of them is IDFreeze from TrustedID which provides identity theft prevention services to protect you against any credit fraud.

As mentioned above, credit monitoring services usually inform their customers after they have already been hit by credit fraud. The difference between TrustedID and other protection services is that the former will actually block unauthorized attempt to access your credit report. Since lenders and credits always pull your credit report before making a decision on whether to issue a loan or credit card, by preventing access to you credit report without permission, what IDFreeze does is that it essentially prevents credit fraud from happening in the first place.  In addition to the prevention, TrustedID also provide their customers other services, such as credit monitoring, free three-bureau credit reports, etc., all of these aim to protect your from becoming a victim of credit fraud and ID theft.

While the main goal of IDFreeze is identity theft prevention, if for some reason you are hit by ID fraud when you are a customer of the service, TrusedID will provide help to restore your credit. Each TrustedID customer is covered by $1,000,000 in identity theft insurance which can be used to pay any out-of-pocket costs related to identity theft that was not stopped by IDFreeze.

So, what do you think of IDFreeze from TrustedID? If you are interested, you can sign up for IDFreeze to see if it meets your requirement on credit monitoring and ID prevention. The whole sign-up process takes only a few minutes to complete, and once you signed up, TrustedID will immediately take all of the necessary steps to start protecting your identity.

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