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Is Credit Sesame Safe?

After I published the revised Credit Sesame review last week, I was asked by a reader whether Credit Sesame is safe to use. I remember a few years ago I had the same concern when Credit Karma, another website that lets users check credit score for free, first came out. Because it was so new […]

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Credit Score Types and Score Ranges

When we talk about credit score, we usually refer to the FICO score developed by Fair Isaac. FICO score, which can be purchased at, is widely used by lenders to evaluate a borrower’s credit worthiness before making the decision when he or she applies for a credit card, open a bank account, or even […]

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Credit Sesame Review: Free Credit Score and Home Loan Services

Credit Sesame provides Experian credit score and other money saving advice to its customers totally free. Do you check your credit score regularly? If so, what service do you use? Paid credit monitoring services or free services such as Credit Karma? I have thought about using a paid service before, but ended up using Credit […]

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Credit Karma vs Quizzle vs Credit Sesame: Which One to Choose?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a new website Credit Sesame which lets customers get their credit score for free. That puts Credit Sesame in direct competition with other sites such as Credit Karma and Quizzle, both have been discussed here before, because the center piece of their offerings, from what I can […]

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Credit Karma Now Offers VantageScore and Auto Insurance Score

Credit Karma, which has been offering its customers free credit score since 2008, is getting better. Last night, I received an email from Credit Karma (I have been using their free credit monitoring service since March 2009), announcing that two new free credit scores are now available at Credit Karma, one is VantageScore, a credit […]

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How Many Credit Cards Are Too Many?

So the other day, I got my free FICO score from myFICO (I have updated that post from September with procedures on how to get the free score and how to cancel the free trial, both very easy). While I was quite pleased with my score, 793 on November 16th, there were a couple of […]

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Federal Reserve Issued Credit Reports and Credit Scores Guide

The Federal Reserve issued an online¬†guide to credit reports and credit scores yesterday. The Consumer’s Guide to Credit Reports and Credit Scores contains such basic information as the contents of credit reports, how credit scores are used, the importance of protecting personal credit histories and how to obtain a free credit report. If you are […]

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Refer a Friend to myFICO and Get $10

Nowadays, there are many places from where I can get a credit score, either for free (such as Credit Karma or¬†Quizzle) or with a fee (such as Experian or TransUnion). With the free credit scores, I can have a pretty good idea of how my credit looks like, even though I pay more attention to […]

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