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Free FICO Credit Score from myFICO

myFICO, the official website for FICO credit score, is now offering FICO score for free with a free trail of FICO Score Watch, a credit monitoring service. The free trail period of Equifax Score Watch is 10 days. You will get your FICO score for free when getting your Score Watch and you can cancel […]

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Five Surefire Ways To Torpedo Your Credit Rating

The credit market sure has changed a lot over the last several years. It was not too long ago that you didn’t need to do much more than show up in a mortgage lender’s office, tell them how much you wanted to borrow and have them cut you a check. Verifiable income and good credit […]

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Use Your Credit Cards Can Improve Your Credit Score

I purchased a credit score the other day, using myFICO’s 26% off coupon code. The reason was that it has been almost a year since I last checked my FICO score in last January. A lot of things has happened since then, with the biggest event being that we are no longer homeowners, and the […]

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Quizzle Offers Free Credit Score and Report

I have been using Credit Karma to get free credit score for quite some time now. What I like about Credit Karma is the I can update my score as many times as I want, though the score is unlikely to change if the update interval is too short. While Credit Karma is a nice […]

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Credit Karma Credit Score Monitoring Service

I wrote a lengthy review of CreditKarma back in March. At that time, I thought I could use the free service to monitor my credit score because, though it isn’t really the FICO score, I can still use the relative changes to have an idea on how my credit score moves. Now, after six months, […]

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Do I Need a Credit Monitoring Service?

I always consider myself pretty good at managing my own credit. Then last week, I had this idea of getting a credit monitoring service. The reason is because of some recent activities in my credit that could have a negative impact on my score. First in June, when I got my current job, I signed […]

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Free Credit Score for American Express Card Members

The free credit score offer seems to be back again. I got my free Experian PLUS score back in April when AMEX offered the deal to cardholders. Though it’s not the most widely used FICO score, it should still give you an idea of your credit worthiness if you haven’t checked your score recently. And […]

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What Can You Expect to See on Your Credit Reports?

I have been getting free credit report for years. Before there was the law that entitles every consumer a free report from each credit agency every 12 months, I requested my reports directly from Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion for free. Then after the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) became law, I started to use […]

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