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Free Experian PLUS Score for American Express Cardholders

If you are an American Express cardholder, you can view your Experian credit score and credit report for free. This isn’t the FICO credit score that’s widely used by lenders which you can purchase from It’s in fact the PLUS Score developed by Experian. In February, Experian decided to end its 6-year relationship with […]

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Credit Karma Free Credit Score Service Can Help You in This Economic Environment: An Interview with CEO Ken Lin

The first time I wrote about Credit Karma was in January 2008, shortly after the web site which provides its customers with free credit scores, was launched. Initially, I was a little skeptical about their service, because they are giving one of the most important pieces of personal information, the credit score, for free, while […]

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Free FICO Credit Score Alive Again

Update: This offer has expired. But you need to act quickly. Equifax is offering free FICO score again through again isĀ  to the first 10,000 people who request their scores. I got my free FICO score last time when the promotion was ran in January. The process of requesting your score was quite simple, […]

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Free FICO Credit Score When Joining myFICO Forum

But you have to be quick because it’s only good for the first 10,000 people only. myFICO is offering free credit score for registered myFICO Forum users. Check out details of how to get your free score at My Money Blog and see the details. Or you can simply use this link, then click the […]

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Where to Get Your Free Credit Report

So where do you get your free credit report? You probably have heard a lot of commercials on the radio touting free credit reports for people who are eager to find out their creditworthiness in the eyes of creditors. If you get yours from one of the places like, which is a service from […]

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Equifax Credit Monitoring Silver Free Two-Year Subscription

Found this deal on The free 2-year subscription is supposed only to be available to Ocean Bank customers, but somehow it works for everyone with the promotion code, whether you are a true Ocean Bank customer or not (at least I get through without any problem): This offer is for Ocean Bank personal deposit […]

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Authorized Users Will Be Allowed in FICO Score Calculation

This is a good news for people with poor credit score or just started building their own credit history. Last year, when Fair Issac, the creator of FICO credit score, announced that it no longer considers authorized user accounts when calculating FICO score, the action generated quiet some discussions because it affected many people negatively […]

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TransUnion Settlement to Let You Get Free Credit Score

According to a MarketWatch report yesterday, TransUnion, one of the three major credit report agencies, has settled a class action lawsuit which could mean free credit score and credit monitoring service for up to 9 months for millions. The lawsuit accused that TransUnion sold customer information to third parties for targeted marketing effort, an allegation […]

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