Try Coinstar and Get $10 Gift Card

Do you have a lot of coins? If you do, what do you do with them? Throw them away, or put them in your bank account?

Right now Coinstar is running a promotion for this coin counting machines with a free $10 gift card. If you cash in $40 or more in coins onto an eCertificate, you’ll get the full value of your coins, plus Coinstar will send you a bonus $10 Gift Card. Details of the promotion are:

  • Cash in $40 or more of coins onto an eCertificate at a participating Coinstar Machine.
  • Mail in the bottom portion of your receipt to receive your bonus $10 Gift Card.
  • You will receive your $10 bonus gift card by mail in 6-8 weeks.

The free gift card offer will end on December 6, 2009. Click here to locate a Coinstar machine near you.

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