Earn $20 Amazon Gift Certificate by Taking a Survey

I am not sure how trustworthy this is, but decided to share it with everybody who wants to give it a try.

I got this email last night from a survey website that sends me surveys everyday (I think I registered with them before) but I never took any, but this one certainly looked interesting:

A client has engaged us to survey consumers about their attitudes and behaviors when it comes to real estate. If you qualify for and complete the survey we will email you a $20 Amazon.com gift certificate within two weeks of the closing of the study. You will be asked a few qualifying questions. If you pass them you will then take a 20-25 minute survey.

It’s the promise of a $20 Amazon.com gift certificate that got my attention and I thought it won’t hurt to try it out. After a 10-question screening, which I did pass, I got another 60 questions mostly about mortgages, and in the end, I was told again I will receive the gift certificate, though I don’t know if eventually it will come. But just as last time when I tried ScriptLogic software for a $5 gift card, it could be real.

If you want to take the survey, use this link.

Update: This offer has expired. However, there are many other surveys that offer cash compensation, including GlobalTestMarket and Survey4Profit. Check out my paid survey reviews page for details.

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2 Responses to “Earn $20 Amazon Gift Certificate by Taking a Survey”

  1. Investing Guide 101 |  Mar 01, 2007 at 12:36 am

    Hi The Sun,

    Well tried to participate in that survey but it’s closed. I received this message “Thanks for your interest. Our quotas are full, and the survey is now closed” I think I missed it.

  2. whoisrandy |  Feb 16, 2009 at 9:55 am

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