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ebates.com referral bonusDo you a lot of shopping online? If you do, do you use any portal to earn rebates?

I do and one of the portals I use quite often is Ebates.com. So far I have earned a total of $60.46 rebates. Not a lot, but still good. A couple of days ago I got an email from Ebates which offers bonus for referring new users to their site. According to the Tell-A-Friend promotion:

  1. Your friends sign up on the Double Bonus Offer page and get a $5 Sign Up Bonus plus a $5 Double Sign Up Bonus.
  2. Until March 31st, 2008, for every friend who signs up and makes their first qualifying purchase, you’ll get a $5 Tell-A-Friend Bonus plus a $5 Double Tell-A-Friend Bonus.
  3. For every two friends, we’ll reward you with a $10 Target Gift Card on top of your $20!

That is, I will receive a $10 bonus for every one who I refer and makes a qualified purchase before March 31.

If you want to try Ebate.com and can use a $5 bonus, send me an email using the Contact page to request a referral link. Once you meet the requirement (sign up and make a purchase) and I receive the bonus, I will split the bonus with you by providing a $5 Amazon.com gift card as a little appreciation :)

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One Response to “Ebates.com Referral Bonus”

  1. Ming |  Feb 23, 2008 at 4:24 pm

    Hi, Sun,
    Lots of credit card has those extra bonus for certain category. But I can’t find any definite information about which store is “department store”, which is defined as “Grocery Stores”, which is defined as “Supermarket” etc.
    Does anywhere (or Visa/Mastercard) maintain such a list?