Make Hundreds of Dollars by Referring People

ING Direct refer bonusThere are quite a few programs out there that actually pay you for referring new customers to them. And if you can manage to exhaust all your referrals, you can make hundreds, even thousands, or dollars without much of work to you, though demands for each product are different and not all of them are popular.

Among those listed on my referral page, one that I found as the easiest free money maker is ING Direct. Seriously, you can’t underestimate how many people still don’t have an ING Orange Savings Account and how many actually want to have one. I started to put referral links here at the end of April and in two months, nearly 100 people have taken those links and opened a savings account for themselves. That not only made me $250 richer :D but also helped several other people collected hundreds in bonuses because after I finished up my referral links, I also took unused links from them and posted them here to benefit both parties. Since each account holder can refer up to 25 people for Orange Savings Account and another 25 for Electric Orange Checking Account, it could mean $500 for anyone who has an ING account (the demand for the Electric Checking Account isn’t that strong though).

Don’t have an account? Then that’s even better because if you use any of the links listed in my ING Direct promotion page to open an account and fund it with at least $250, you can get a $25 bonus immediately. Once your account is ready, you can start to refer people and earn bonuses. Have no means to run your referrals? Not a problem. I can host your links for you. Just go to this page and leave a comment. I will get back to you when I need new links :)

In addition to ING Direct, other programs that let you earn referral bonuses include:

  • RevolutionMoneyExchange: I reviewed RevolutionMoneyExchange early. It’s a nice service, though not as popular as Paypal. With RevolutionMoneyExchange, you can earn $10 per new signup for up to $500.
  • TradeKing: I wrote a TradeKing review yesterday. With TradeKing, you will get $50 for every person you refer to and earn a maximum of $5,000 bonuses.
  • Zecco: Zecco will pay you $50 for every new customer and there’s no upper limit on how much you can earn. I had some success with their referral problem, but stopped it after some issues with Zecco.

Though the above three are not as popular as ING Direct and making money from them is not as easy as either, but still not bad if you can get a bonus from them :D

Update: Check out the currently available referral and sign-up bonuses from banks and brokers.

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