March Zecco Trading and Referral Bonus Paid

I sent out several $20 gift cards tonight to those who used my bonus sharing program in February. Last month, a few readers used my referral links to open and fund their brokerage account at, which rewarded me a $50 bonus for each new account I referred to them. I in turn offer a $20 gift card as bonus sharing. Actually, I bumped the bonus up to $25 early this month so now the bonus is evenly split. If you are looking to open a brokerage account, check out my referral page see if you can find one from a list of brokers with which I have accounts. You could get either free trades or up to $50 bonus.

Also early this month, announced a promotion which gives me $10 bonus for each new signup through my referral link till the end of this month. A few people signed up and made qualified purchases, and I have received payouts from Therefore, I also emailed $5 gift cards.

Again, big thanks to those used my referrals last month :)

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One Response to “March Zecco Trading and Referral Bonus Paid”

  1. Steve |  Mar 23, 2008 at 7:45 am

    How has Zecco been doing with giving out the $50 bonus credit? I have failed to receive two $50 bonus referrals from Zecco because they claim that the folks did not click on the links in the email when signing up. Pretty bad that I got them two customers and they won’t pay out.