Personal Capital $20 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway, Today Only

It’s Cyber Monday and Personal Capital is giving away $20 Amazon Gift Card for the first 3,500 people who signed up today.

I have reviewed Personal Capital 401K fee analyzer awhile ago. It is one of the free services offered by Personal Capital which allows its customers to see how much their current employer sponsored retirement plans cost them in the long term. The tool is completely free and you can use it to check your 401K plan fees by linking your account(s) in Personal Capital.

Of course, Personal Capital offers more services than the 401K fee analyzer. In fact, it also works like other free money management tools, such as and Wikinvest. In addition to retirement accounts, you can also link bank accounts, credit cards, and regular brokerage accounts and have an all-in-one view of your personal finance. Since I have used other services than the free fee analyzer, I can’t tell what and how much differences exist between Personal Capital and others.

For today’s $20 Amazon Gift Card offers, all you need to do is following these steps:

  1. Sign up for Personal Capital Account and it’s FREE;
  2. Link your financial accounts, such as 401K accounts, bank accounts or brokerage accounts;
  3. View all your accounts in one place;
  4. Review Amazon gift card in your email.

Remember, you have to act quickly since only the first 3,500 people who signed up today is eligible for the free gift card. The promotion ends at 11:59 PM PST.

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