RevolutionMoneyExchange $25 Sign up Bonus still Alive?

revolution money exchange promotionUpdate: Now it’s DEAD!

RevolutionMoneyExchange‘s $25 sign up bonus promotion was supposed to end on May 15, 2008, but it looks like the offer is still alive.

Yesterday, a reader emailed asking for a referral link so he can get an additional $5 bonus. I emailed back with the link and later asked the reader whether he received the $25 bonus from RME because it already passed the expiration date. When the user replied back, he told me that he indeed got the $25 bonus! And in my own account, the $25 sign up bonus button is still there with no update on the May 15, 2008 date.

I don’t know how long this is going to last (RME already extended the offer once from April 18 to May 15), but if you want to take advantage of the offer and get another $5 on top of the $25 bonus from RME, you can use the contact form to contact me to request an invitation. I still have a few referrals left and I will be happy to split the $10 bonus I get from RME with you :)

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