RevolutionMoneyExchange Referral Bonus Sharing Program Update

I have been running my RevolutionMoneyExchange referral bonus sharing program, since I wrote a review in early March and a few people used my referral to signup with RME (thanks). While they received the $25 bonus from RME, I also got $10 for each new account I referred. When I first started the bonus sharing program, I offered a $5 gift card for each bonus I receive, as I did with other bonus offers in the past.

Today, as I was about to send out the bonuses, I realized that since the people I referred already have RME accounts, why not just send them the money directly to their RME account instead? I am sure everybody prefers cash to a gift card that they have to spend. After testing the Send Money function of RME with a couple of users (I never sent money through RME before and wasn’t sure how fast the service is), it seems that it worked very well. All got the money very quickly without any extra fees. After the experiment, I decided from now on to use RME to pay shared bonuses to those who have an account with Paypal’s competitor.

BTW, it seems that RME has extended the promotion period. Previously, the $25 signup bonus offer is set to expire on April 18th. Now, the promotion will run until May 15th. If you are interested in getting $25+$5 free money, send me an email from the Contact page to request a referral link with RME referral in the subject. I’d be happy to split the $10 bonus I will receive with you :)

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