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Early this month (actually should be last month), I posted an entry on how to get $60 bonus for opening INGDirect accounts and provided a reference code CK921/gheaeriz (valid till the end of this year) which I received in the mail. In that post, I said that any one who uses the code can get $25 with a deposit of $250 and I will receive $10 referral bonus.

I really didn’t expect anything from that post as there are many high rate alternatives. People who have an ING account already don’t need the code and those who don’t can go directly to EmigrantDirect or HSBC for 5.05% APY, or E-Loan for 5.50% APY. I didn’t know if somebody had used the code until last night when I logged into my ING account first time in a month (I currently have only about $20 in the account, so I didn’t check it as often as I used to) to update our net worth. There, two $10 deferral bonuses posted on October 25th and 26th!

Since they didn’t leave a comment, I don’t know who they are, so I can only use this platform to say “Thank You!” Hope they can see it.

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