UPromise $10 Target Gift Card Offer

UPromise promotionAre you using UPromise to save for college?

As I have talked many times here on this blog that I am an active user of the UPromise program for several years, making nearly $500 rebates (though most were from Citi UPromise card) that were all invested in my daughter’s 529 plan. Actually, I think investing the rebate money, though a small amount, is better than taking it as cash and spending it.

Anyway, if you are not a member, joining UPromise is free and if you do join and make three eligibile purchases from there different merchants through their website before July 31, 2008, UPromise will send you a $10 Target Gift card. From the post card I received yesterday, the following retailers are excluded from this offer: Amazon.com, Avis, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Butterfield Blooms, Budget, Cryo-Cell, Eddie Bauer, Florist.com, Followers USA, FTD.com, Gift Sense, and The Sharp Image.

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