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Post-Holiday Budget Rescue Ideas

Almost everyone’s done it from time to time, overspent and over-splurged during the holidays. Whether it was a great new outfit to wear to all the holiday get-togethers, a party you hosted yourself or maybe just purchasing one too many gifts in an effort to be generous, the holidays can paint things other than holly […]

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Holiday Stain Removing Guide

There’s no doubt about it. The holidays inevitably mix things together that just shouldn’t: expensive clothes and textiles and lots of stain opportunities! Whether it’s a beautiful (and expensive) holiday sweater, your child’s finest “dress up” outfit, your carpet or your very best tablecloth, they’re all likely to take a beating during the holiday season. […]

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Savvy Smartphone Ideas that Help Parents Save

When my “text and talk” phone went out, I was excited at the prospect of finally getting a new phone. I was tired of looking at that darn scratch that drove it’s way clear across the entire length of the screen. And as a thrifty person, I was even more excited about getting a brand […]

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How Collections Can Help You Collect Cash

Collections can be fun. There’s the thrill of the hunt, looking for that all-important piece to round out the collection and then the excitement of finally landing it. They give a sense of accomplishment. Accumulating a collection can take time and effort. Real collections are created over time and are not for those who give […]

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Ultimate Pocketbook Protectors

If your household budget is anything like mine, you’re watching your expenses inflate faster than a helium balloon but said balloon might as well be red because that’s where all these costs threaten to put you. No more than ever, it’s important to put into full-force any and all things that can help protect your […]

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Save Even More at Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are a phenomenal way to not only stretch your buck, but go green too. In a society that seems so caught up in recycling and reusing, I’m still amazed at the little-used and often like-new stuff I find at secondhand stores. And while their prices are admittedly lower than their new retail counterparts, […]

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At-Home Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is a fun and exciting time for kids. But it can be a pretty scary proposition for your budget! From the high price of pre-made costumes to the cost of gas consumed traveling from store to store to store to find just the right one, it can have you seeing red—and not in a […]

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Make Saving Sound Better

Let’s face it, “semantics” isn’t just semantics. Words mean a lot. They not only convey meaning, but they carry emotional implications too. Words are powerful, and it just makes good sense—and good financial sense—to use them to our advantage. It’s certainly no secret that the words “saving money” and “being frugal” have garnered some bad […]

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