5 Things that Help You Work $marter, Not Harder

If you ever find yourself looking down at your watch wondering where in the world did the time go or how in the world are you going to get stuff done, then this article’s for you. If you’ve ever plopped down at the end of the day exhausted wishing there was a way to not work quite so hard, keep reading because the following is for you too. There are 5 great tools that you likely already have that can help in a number of ways.

Break out the crockpot or slow cooker. Save money by opting for less expensive cuts of meat and utilize less electricity, too. And while it does take this tiny kitchen wonder all day to cook a great meal, it gives you time back. Dump the ingredients in the crock in the morning before leaving for work and then return to a home filled with the comforting and enticing aroma of dinner already made.

Slow cooker
Use online (or automated) bill paying services. Forget taking the time to write out checks to pay bills. Heck, forget buying and paying for the checks to write in the first place. When you opt to pay creditors electronically you save yourself (the ever increasing) cost of postage. And, if you set up reoccurring payments, you save yourself the time it would take to sit down and make the payment each and every month too. You might not be able to buy yourself more time, but you can certainly make choices in order to create more time.

Your phone can be a money and time saving device too. Late on your payment? Forget rushing out the door to try to make the payment in person, consider just picking up your phone instead. Often a phone call, a humble and honest apology and a polite request can result in a grace period giving you time to make the payment via the same route you ordinarily would or even just over the phone. Save gas, save the hassle of a trip and save your credit, too, with nothing more than a simple phone call. (Consider keeping a list of all your creditors, due dates and phone numbers handy for just this purpose.)

Library cards might as well be a key to free resources to help you out. Libraries aren’t just for books anymore. Many offer free community resources such as professional help at tax time, job search related services and free homework help for students. Think it means a trip out to your local branch? Think again! Many library systems across the country even offer a wealth of community resources on their websites, too.

The bookmark feature on your Internet browser.Save yourself time and money by utilizing the bookmark feature on your browser to easily return to sites such as this. Consider bookmarking your creditors’ sites as well as discount codes sites and any other site you visit often. If your list of bookmarks is getting too long, take a few minutes to organize it into folders to save yourself time later on. In a pinch to find information fast, you’ll have the resources you need within just a click, saving yourself time, frustration and—quite possibly—money, too.

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2 Responses to “5 Things that Help You Work $marter, Not Harder”

  1. Usiere @Financial Freedom Inspiration |  Apr 09, 2012 at 1:29 am

    Quite true. Old habits die hard. If you look for better ways to do things, you will find them. I do much more with my phone and online now than stick with the old way. I works out much cheaper and more time efficient

  2. John |  Apr 09, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    I just started taking full advantage of online bill pay and it’s working wonders! Even saving just a little bit of time per payment adds up to a vast amount of time we could be doing other things like making more money! Thanks for your post!