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I’ll never forget the last time I purchased a new mattress. I had been incredibly reluctant to do so, despite the fact that we desperately needed a new one. Shelling out that much cash was difficult no matter how uncomfortable our sleeping hours had become. It wasn’t until the delivery guy came in to pick up and dispose of our old mattress that I realized just how dire our situation had become. He couldn’t help but comment on all the duct tape I had used to help seal springs back inside. I learned the hard and uncomfortable way that you needn’t throw your money saving ways out the window when it comes to purchasing a new mattress. In fact, it can really pay to look at purchasing a new mattress much like you would a new car. Here’s a rundown of how to get the mattress that’s right for you at the price that you want:


Don’t wait until you have to buy. Begin shopping around and “test driving” new mattresses in your local stores well before you actually need to make the purchase. Giving yourself ample time to check out all your options and wait for sales and promotions increases the likelihood of snagging a great mattress at an even better price.

Don’t be a “fly by” shopper, take it for a test drive. Sure, it may seem odd and you may feel funny about lying down a mattress in the store, but how else are you really going to know if it’s the right fit for you? Avoid the temptation to simply push down on a mattress with your hands or just sit on it, climb on up and lay down the way you sleep, on your side, back or stomach. If you have a partner, be sure to “test drive” the mattress in the store with him or her too. Mattresses feel very different with two people on them. Better to figure it all out now before you plunk down your money than when you get home.

Know the best times to get a deal. To get a great deal on a new mattress, get patriotic and think “red, white and blue.” Most mattress sales coincide with holidays such as Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

Don’t accept the sticker price. If you find the mattress you like at one store, but a price you like better on another comparable mattress at another, don’t assume it’s either one or the other. Many retailers are open to a bit of haggling and actually expect it on such a major purchase. Arm yourself to make a winning case by bringing in competitors’ advertisements. Having cold, hard evidence is much more compelling when asking for a better price.

Be willing to walk. As the consumer, you have the all the power so don’t be afraid to use it. They want to sell you a mattress, but you don’t have to buy it from them. If they’re unwilling to negotiate, then walk away. When I found the exact mattress I wanted, I walked in, negotiated and walked out on 3 separate occasions. When I finally got the price I wanted (over 50% off the sticker price for taking the floor model), the manager came right out and said, “Persistence does pay off.” Make sure it pays off for you, too, in both the form of a better night’s sleep and greater savings.

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