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Utilizing the bookmark feature (sometimes called “Favorites”) on your Internet browser can really save you time, but many of them can save you money too. Here’s a quick rundown of various sites you might want to consider adding to your bookmarked list if you want to start adding to your bottom line, too: is an easy-to-navigate site that offers promotional and discount codes for thousands of online retailers. Just enter the name of the site you want to shop from, and soon you’ll be rewarded with a list of codes that are also rated by successful usage by other online shoppers.

Bookmark is the companion site of that ever-familiar blue envelope full of local advertisers and coupons. This site enables you to print coupons on demand (multiple times) for services in your immediate area such as restaurants, dry cleaners and even dentist visits. Perhaps the best feature is the fact that you don’t even have to register. Savings seekers can search for specific coupons in their area by zip code alone. is a great site to access if you’re wishing you hadn’t thrown that little receipt away for wanting what was on the back, not on the front! Sometimes the best local coupons can be had on the back of cash register receipts! But with this site, you can print these same coupons at home and on demand as many times as you’d like. is a great site for anyone looking for a FREE calendar. Print on demand, multiple formats, and you can even enter your own events or special dates before printing. Quick, easy, free, what could be better?

Any site whose reviews you trust is worth a coveted spot on your favorites list. It may be, or just, whatever the site make sure you’ve got it handy so that it’s easy and fast to find a few words of unbiased wisdom from those who have already forked over the cash for your potential purchase. Mistakes can be costly, so learn from mistakes by others and spare yourself.

Your bank should be near the top of your list of bookmarks. It takes only a few minutes to check your account for fraud, but doing so and catching suspicious activity early can not only save you a headache, it can save you boatloads of cash, too.

Your local library is another great site to bookmark, especially if you have children at home. Libraries aren’t just about books anymore! Consider it a resource for everything from homework help for your kids to tax help from local professionals to free assistance with a job search. (Psst! Many library systems are also catching on to e-books, too. So before you plunk down the cash for the latest and greatest book and before you roll your eyes as you consider how long you’ll wait for a copy on hold, find out if you can loan an e-book from your local branch!)

This site should also be bookmarked, if I may humbly suggest so. Unbiased and frequently updated, this site offers a wealth of information to help you not only safeguard your household finances, but to help empower you to stretch the value of your dollar to the max as well.

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2 Responses to “Bookmarks to $ave”

  1. Harold - CA@SPWCA |  Apr 25, 2012 at 7:34 am

    Thanks so much for the suggestions! They were all great tools/sources, and I wound up following a few of them as well. :)

  2. Michelle |  May 07, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    If bookmarking is the way to save money,Why not? In actual life, we wish that we can practice to bookmark /feature our expenses, meaning to prioritize our expenses such as paying off debts, necessity, utility bills, and credit card bills. Now, I even done my bookmarking, how clever is that?
    Lets start the bookmarking campaign :)