Everyday Conveniences for Cheaper

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, convenience unfortunately isn’t cheap. Anytime you employ someone else to help you out in some way shape or form, you’ll likely pay for it. The good news is, however, that you can score some everyday conveniences to help make life easier for even cheaper than you might think. So before you think that convenience is an all or nothing proposition, read the ideas below to gain a new perspective, not to mention an easier day-to-day life for less.


Stop putting cash in the trash with every empty water bottle you use. Instead, invest a bit of money upfront in a reusable stainless steel water bottle. Because it’s made of steel, it won’t impart any flavor to your water and it will help keep it cool. Additionally, with all the various styles available, you can sip in style while you pocket the added savings each time you refill it.

Recycle the old, purchase in bulk and save money all at the same time. Admittedly, purchasing items in bulk can be a real hassle when it comes to actually using them. The savings potential can’t be denied, but neither can the inconvenience of hefting heavy product packaging. Create your own happy medium by saving regular, smaller sized containers and simply refilling them for everyday use from your “bought in bulk” stash. You’ll immediately be recycling your old container, saving money by purchasing the refills in bulk and gain the convenience of the easier to use, traditional size.

Whether on the landline or the cell phone, if you find yourself constantly calling information you likely also find yourself constantly with a hefty phone bill. If you’d like to continue to enjoy the convenience of having someone else look up numbers for you without having to pay the premium price, good news, you’re in luck! Keep your cash and get the number, too, by calling 1-800-555-1212 for free directory assistance for toll-free numbers and 1-800-FREE-411 for all other listings.

Nothing’s worse than paying bills except, that is, when you’re cutting into your precious free time to do it and you’re slapping on stamp after stamp to actually mail them. How would like to not only save money, but save time, too, while also virtually eliminating the risk of ever being late on payment again? If you’re bank offers an online bill payer service than you can enjoy all of these. Often free, these services enable you to set up automatic electronic payments to your creditors via funds directly drawn from your banking account. So consider freeing up some of your time and skip the stamps entirely by taking advantage of your bank’s bill paying service today.

Convenience food mixes seem to offer a great middle-of-the-road option between dining in courtesy of from-scratch cooking and the conveniences of eating out. You can, however, create your own convenience food mixes from scratch in bulk for future use and save even more. From homemade pancake mix to homemade instant hot chocolate mix to even homemade rice mixes, there’s a plethora of make-ahead convenience mix recipes just waiting for you to snatch up and fill up your pantry for later everyday convenience. For a great selection of tried-and-true homemade mixes visit HillBillyHousewife.com.

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