(Useful) Freebies Everyone Can Get

Who can resist the promise of a freebie? Certainly not, I. That’s why I’ve gotten suckered into many such promises only to later be bombarded by spam emails and junk snail mail. The good news—no, the great news—is that not all freebies are created equal. Some really are useful and easily obtained without any negative subsequent side effects. And, as luck would have it, they’re easily available to everyone.

In this day and age of debit cards, so many of us go through check registers faster than our paper checks. A quick stop into your local branch or even just a quick phone call to your bank can often reward you with a handful of free check registers whenever you need them.

Shopping at the deli counter and wondering whether or not to spend the cash to try out the latest offering? Let me go ahead and answer that question for you: Don’t. Just ask for a sample instead. Deli counters are accustomed to if not outright eager to fork over a small sample of a new item. It’s good business and helps move the product. Whether it’s a nice cheese, sliced meat or a premade salad, a polite request will often tell your taste buds whether it’s worth the money to buy more.

Free sample

While I know the importance of limiting sugar and fat intake even for children, I also know as a mom that shopping with kids in tow can be trying, especially if they’re tummies aren’t compliant. Most grocery stores will gladly provide a free cookie to youngsters upon request. Take advantage of this as a “sometimes” treat whether to stave off their hunger until you get home or to help reward good behavior after the shopping is done.

Need some gift boxes? Want a few smallish boxes to help organize stuff at home? Does your kiddo want to make a treasure box? Make a quick stop at your local shoe store and request a few free shoe boxes. They’ll likely happily oblige the request as most boxes just end up in the recycle bin anyway.

If you’ve got a jar of change or a coin purse bursting at the seams, it may be time to roll up your coins and cash them in for paper bills. That said, don’t dare pay for the rolls when they can be had for absolutely free. Again, just a quick trip or phone call to your local bank will provide you with as many paper coin rolls you need without costing you a dime.

This last little tidbit of information isn’t actually a freebie, but a source for countless freebies: your local public library. No longer just a place for books, libraries are now offering more and more free resources to the communities they serve. From free local newspapers and magazines to free entertainment and activities for children to free tax and financial help from neighborhood professionals, local libraries are a literal treasure trove of free stuff. Stop by or visit your local library online to find out just what free stuff you’re missing.

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2 Responses to “(Useful) Freebies Everyone Can Get”

  1. Tariq @ Yes I Am Cheap |  Jul 18, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    Yes. We all want free samples. Even it is a piece of cookie, we want that. :D

  2. Shannon Medisky |  Jul 20, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    Yes,it’s too bad (most) bakeries only offer those free cookies to children. I’d be a much happier shopper with a free cookie in tote, too! :)