Fun and Fiscally Sound

For many people the words “thrifty,” “cost-cutting,” and “frugal” all scream “boring,” “self-depriving,” and well, let’s face it, “cheap” (and not in a good way!) It needn’t be the case, though. “Fiscally sound” can be great for your budget and fun for you, too. In fact, often times all it takes is a more positive, “the glass… er… wallet is half full, not empty” attitude. Here are just a few ways to have your fun and keep more of your money, too.


Outsmart, out wit and out play (or rather save) your opponent – anyone out there to get more of your money! We often equate life to a game, not knowing what the outcome of each day will be or what new adventures will come our way. The truth is, that spending and saving your money can be approached with that same attitude, but this little game can have very real monetary results. How well can you fill your pantry on a set budget? How low of a price can you find your favorite pair of shoes at? How many coupons (manufacturer and store) can you combine with an automatic sale price to make your cost even smaller? How long can you the products you already have in your home last? The more cunning and clever you are, the better able you’ll be to win with more money left in your pocket.

Get your entire household on board. If you have young children in your home, there’s no better time to teach them about saving money than now. If you have a spouse or partner, get them involved, too. Long story short, if there’s anyone else drawing from the household budget then it makes good fiscal – and fun – sense to get them on board with saving money. Children can help price shop online or via sales fliers. Even small children can help determine what items are better values in the grocery store (bigger boxes for less money than smaller, higher-priced counterparts, for example). Looking for better deals can become a real team building experience for spouses and partners as you work united towards a common goal – getting more for your money.

Another great way to employ the efforts of everyone at home is to ask them to all help find ways to recycle stuff around the house. Sure, it’s great to keep unnecessary clutter out of the landfills, but it’s also a great way to help keep more money in our bank accounts. So the next time you go to throw something in the trash or even the recycle bin, ask everyone if there’s some way it could alternatively be put to use at home. The next time someone at home finds themselves with the need to run out and buy something, ask around the house first. See if anyone else’s creative juices can concoct a free and already at home solution.

Seek out and exploit the “freebies.” Now more than ever it makes good sense (and cents) to take advantage of what’s already free. Whether it’s free snacks in the form of samples in a club warehouse, free outdoor concerts at a neighborhood park or free books, magazines and movies courtesy of your local library, fostering a new love and appreciation for what’s already free and readily at your disposal can be a very empowering and fiscally-freeing experience. Additionally, taking advantage of what’s already free is also a great way to “try before you buy,” an important tactic to protecting your hard-earned money.

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