I Didn’t Realized Today Is the Last Day of the Summer

until I heard it on the radio on my way back home.

So the summer is over? So I don't have to turn on the AC again for the next, what, nine months? Actually, this summer was quite good though we didn't even barbeque once. Except two weeks in July and August when the mercury craked the 100-degree mark, the temperatue was in the comfortable zone of 80s for the most of the time. And whatelse did this nice summer give us? Low electricity bills of course.

When I checked our electricity bills for the past three months tonight, I found the highest amount we paid was $65 in August. $55 for July and $35 for June. That's unbelievably low, isn't it? Well, we didn't have a big house and there was nobody at home during the day, so there was almost no consumption. In addition, we also took some steps to lower our bills:

  • If we did have to run the AC, we set the temperature at 78 degrees instead of 76;
  • We closed all windows before leaving for work in the morning to keep the heat out;
  • I usually stayed late in the evening. So if the outside temperature dropped below the room temperature, I opened the windows before I went to bed to let cool air get in.

For the past three months, there were only a copule of times we let the AC run over night. Yes, it wasn't very nice and comfortable in some nights, but I won't call that sacrifice. 

Oh, by the way, we used a lot the thermal cooker I bought in July. Maybe that also helped a little bit.

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