Become a Master of Invention and Transformation

Let’s face it, there’s nothing fun about being a “glass is half empty” person. Take control – especially when it comes to your finances – and stop looking for the silver lining. Instead, turn that cup into half or completely full by creating the silver lining it yourself. How? Instantly improve the quality of your life and increase your wealth all through spending less and becoming a master of invention and transformation.

The best place to start is your attitude. Problems and challenges don’t need to be a source of frustration. Instead, view them as opportunities to stretch your creativity and outwit your situation. A large part of being successful in this part of the venture means a commitment to remaining flexible. Being open to possible solutions that may not be ideal initially or even obvious means you’ll immediately be able to multiple the possible solutions to choose from. And having choices is the difference between being stuck and being in control. Keep fear and frustration at bay by keeping choices and control in your corner via flexibility and creativity.

Next, focus on not spending money. Instead, turn your energy and creativity towards the ultimate “go green” option that just happens to help you keep more green, too: inventing and transforming what you already have. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. As it turns out, it can give birth to a wealth of conveniences and extra cash saved, too. Storage challenges at home? Skip paying a tidy sum of money for a pre-designed closet organizer and instead design and build your own. You’ll not only gain exactly what you need and want, but you’ll save a small fortune, too. Look past the obvious uses for items and instead see other potential ways to take advantage of them. Forget paying top dollar for a decorative toothbrush holder found in the housewares section, for example, and instead walk on over to the kitchen section and opt for a pretty tumbler instead. Same size, just as decorative, yet you’ll likely pay substantially less. Looking for an empty spray bottle for cleaning solution? Retailers knew you would be and have empty bottles priced at a premium for just this purpose located in the cleaning aisle. Keep walking and head on over to the garden section instead to pay fraction of the cost. Or, better yet, skip buying something new entirely and simply recycle an old, empty spray bottle you have at home. (Just make sure to rinse it out completely to avoid mixing the two substances.)

Sometimes trying to find ways to effectively save money can leave you feeling a bit like a magician. If so, harness the power of that feeling and focus it on transforming items around your home. Find yourself needing something? Go shopping in your cabinets, closets and drawers instead of the store. While untraditional solutions courtesy of DIY household transformations can sometimes take a bit of getting used to, the immediate savings can help soothe the shock. Old ice trays make phenomenal earring trays and jewelry holders. A sturdy dresser can double as a TV stand as well as storage for gaming consoles, games and DVDs. Ceramic pots can be moved from the garden, cleaned out and repurposed to hold tools in the garage or even the kitchen.

Never think of your glass half empty again. You can have what you need (and often what you want) and keep much of your cash, too. All courtesy of your own creativity power to invent, transform and remain flexible.

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