Outfit Your Car to Help You Save

Saving money, much like anything else, just takes a little forethought and preparation. Sure, you’ve probably done your prep work at home searching out the best deals and you’ve likely armed yourself with coupons and loyalty cards for once you hit the store, but have you ever stopped to think about outfitting your car to help you save, too? If you have young children, this last little step can not only help you save, it can save your sanity, too.

Consider keeping your coupons stashed inside your car. They won’t do you any good if they’re at home while you’re out. Pick a convenient spot inside your car to stash your savings supplies. Whether tucked inside the glove compartment or in a pocket behind the seat, keep your coupons in the same spot in the car each and every time you head out to ensure they’re always at the ready when you need them. This might seem a bit excessive, especially if you pre-select coupons for your shopping trip and tuck them side your purse or an envelope in advance. But doing so helps ensure you’ve always got all your coupons at the ready just in case you run into unadvertised discounts and savings opportunities. You’ll be ready at the drop of hat to save even more.

Car snacks

Keep a few snack items inside the car for when hunger rears its ugly head. Whether it’s a complaining kid, a whiny spouse or even your own stomach that comes calling or rather complaining, be ready to squash the hunger pains fast courtesy of something you already have. Good choices include 100 calorie snack packs of crackers, nuts or trail mix. You’ll lessen the temptation to run through a drive-thru window or pick up a less than healthy and often much more expensive alternative.

Store a small stash of travel-friendly toys and activities. Busy kids are happy kids and that makes for even happier parents. Not only that, but if you’ve got shopping ahead of you than said toys can often do double-duty from inside the shopping cart. So head off the begging, whining and “Oh, can I have that?” pleas by being prepared with a few sure-fire fun-producing items in the car.

Place a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer in the car and keep it there. If you have kids and even if you don’t, I don’t have to spend too much time telling you that it makes an abundance of sense to do so. To protect your bottom line, protect your health. Enough said.

Stick an instant stain removing pen inside your glove compartment. It happens to everyone. A stain will suddenly materialize at the most inopportune time, and usually that means away from the house. Save your money by saving your clothes. An investing in such a small item and stashing it where you can use it when you need it will translate to big savings and convenience. You’ll also eliminate the hassle of trying to remember to pre-treat the stain when you return home, or worse, completely forgetting about it and letting it set in.

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