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Inexpensive Ways to Outfit a Desk or Home Office

Whether you’ve got children who have headed back to school, manage a busy home office or just want a nice place to sit and write out bills, establishing an effective desk or home office area is important. But it can cost a pretty penny, too. I hate to admit it, but I’m a sucker for […]

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Easy Reminders that Save You Money

Funny how often the simplest explanation is usually correct. As it would turn out, Ockham’s razor also holds true when it comes to finances too. There are literally countless simple and easy ways to help reminder yourself of various things that not only free up your thoughts, but save you money too. And the more […]

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Basic and Inexpensive Kitchen and Medicine Cabinet Cleaners

My grocery expenses seem to only increase, and not because we’re eating more. It’s quite the contrary. Despite my best efforts, I continue to see a gradual, but noticeable increase in how much I spend on food due to the price increases. While I’ve made changes where I can (the ½ of milk in the […]

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(Free) Indulgences a Library Can Provide

I’m always (and I do mean always) looking for a great bargain. And fortunately, I needn’t look far to find one of the best: my local public library. If the words “public library” conjure up nothing but images of old, musty books and a stern, silent atmosphere for you, then you’re missing out! Today’s public […]

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Move Over Duct Tape: Fun and Kid-Friendly Ways with Masking Tape

Yeah, yeah, duct tape is great. It’s strong. It can fix nearly anything when you’re in a pinch. And, well, it’s just cool stuff. But it’s inexpensive counterpart, masking tape, is pretty cool in its own right too, at least when it comes to entertaining kids! I happened upon the following ideas out of sheer […]

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Unconventional DIY Outings for Free Summer Fun

If a vacation is not in the cards—for whatever reason—this summer, cabin fever likely is inevitable, especially if you have little ones at home. Take heart, though, and squash the sometimes seemingly unendless moans “But I’m bored…” by planning a few DIY field trips around your area. They can be fun, educational, easy and completely […]

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Top Disneyland Restaurants for Food & Savings

Fortunately the fun needn’t end when it’s time to stop for a meal at Disneyland. From open-air dining to quieter, full-service restaurants, there’s a wide variety of great places to get good grub and great entertainment, too. And, frankly, with a bit of creativity there’s lots of ways to feed your family while watching your wallet too! […]

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Stretching Your Dining Dollars at Disneyland

“Yo Ho, Yo NO!” you may very well be saying to yourself after you take a look at some of the food prices while visiting Disneyland. Fortunately, though, there are several ways you can stretch your dining dollars and still have your fill. Know before you go and sign up for savings. Be open to eating […]

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