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Cut Your Costs on a Disneyland Vacation

Now that summer is in full swing, you may be contemplating a vacation. For families, couples and adult individuals alike, that may equate to a trip to Disneyland! But there’s certainly no magic to the way such a vacation can suck the cash right out of your wallet. From the travel costs to hotel accommodations […]

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Save Money by Keeping Your Accessories and Clothes Longer

Want to stretch your dollar? There’s no easier way to do just that than by stretching the lifespan of what you already have. And with the skyrocketing costs of clothing, shoes and accessories, increasing the usability of all of these can save you time and money. After all, it makes good sense—and cents!—to hang on […]

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The Savings behind Skipping the Cart

Think you have to brave the busy streets, crowded aisles and push around a heavy cart to snag the “latest and greatest” at the best price? Think again! With a computer, online access and an adventurous spirit, you can have your comfort and your savings, too. Not to mention, you’ll gain time and lengthen the […]

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Climb the Walls with (Inexpensive) Fun

Fortunately it needn’t take a lot of money or even a lot of stuff to find new ways to get your kiddos off the couch and up and moving. So when it feels like those four walls are closing in on you andyour kids, try climbing the walls—so to speak—instead because with all of these ideas you nor […]

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Send Boredom Packing on a Budget (Part 2)

Want even more great ideas to get your kiddos up and moving in the great indoors? And even better, for nearly or completely free? Keep reading to find all of that and fun to boot! Oh My Golly, Indoor Volley! Remember the suspension rod mentioned in the activity above? That little item is a multi-tasking, mighty wonder when […]

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Send Boredom Packing on a Budget (Part 1)

I live in the Pacific Northwest, and rain is a given often regardless of the time of year, but especially in the Spring. And on one particular day it was—you guessed it!—raining, and my kids were fidgety with pent up energy. Admittedly but not proudly, my inclination was to throw on a DVD and plop them in […]

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Double Aisle Duty (Part 2)

Want to fill up your cart with your kiddo(s) in tow without compromising your bottom line? Believe it or not, the grocery store can be a great place to do a bit of what I call “incognito teaching” while getting your chore done too. So protect your bottom line, fill your pantry and spend quality time with […]

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Double Aisle Duty (Part 1)

While financial experts swear up and down, “Leave your children at home when you shop,” how many parents really have that luxury? I know I often don’t. Admittedly not the best tactic, I’ve been known a time or two to placate my young boys with a snack or sucker while I make a mad dash […]

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