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High on Fun, Low on Cost Halloween Costumes

Halloween is almost here. If your child still doesn’t have a costume with which to procure some treats, have no fear. There’s still plenty of time to conjure up a great costume courtesy of a little creativity, much of what you already have around the house and very little money. Here’s just a few ideas […]

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Alternative Healthcare Resources that Can Help You Save

When it comes to your health and keeping savings in your wallet, don’t limit yourself to only traditional sources. Broadening your horizons a bit and thinking outside of the box can reveal a wide variety of alternative healthcare resources that can help you stay physically fit and your budget fiscally sound. Courtesy of Uncle Sam […]

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Easy Ways to Trim Household Costs (Part 2)

When walking to the mailbox has you dreading the contents, you know it’s time to start taking a second or even third look at those little envelopes that come calling every month. So here’s a second look at even more ways to trim costs all around the house: Bathroom Opt for showers rather than baths. […]

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Easy Ways to Trim Household Costs (Part 1)

As master of your castle, you pay for your home and everything in it – utilities included. So it only makes good sense – and cents! – to maximize the value out of what you already pay.  Here are just a few ways to maximize your home’s energy efficiency room by room for minimal cost: […]

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Getting Out without Running Out (of Money!)

If you think you have to be chained to the house when on a living on a fixed income, think again! With a wealth of discounted travel opportunities and a plethora of ways to keep the costs down, savvy consumers such as yourself can take adventures and enjoy savings, too.  Embrace your wanderlust, dear Saver, […]

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A Look At The World Of Extreme Couponing

I’ve heard about this show on TLC called “Extreme Couponing”. I’ve never actually watched it for myself but from what I’ve heard it’s started something of a revolution in the frugal community. For those of you who may not be aware, extreme couponing is the practice of collecting scores of coupons for everyday items and […]

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Cutting Medication Costs

If it sometimes feels like you’re counting pills more than the dollars left in your wallet, take heart, because there is financial hope. And, fortunately, it doesn’t require you to trade your health for financial benefit. Keep reading to discover money-saving strategies that enable you to have your financial cake and take your pills, too. […]

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Financing “Back to School” Expenses

Days are getting shorter, leaves are changing colors and—Yay!—children are going back to school! The not so fun part of Fall for many, though, is the laundry list of school supplies and back-to-school necessities that an already stretched budget has to stretch even further to finance. Here’s a few tips, tricks and handy techniques to […]

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