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Self-Created Culinary Discounts

The ability to take on a bit of work yourself nearly always equates to savings. When it comes to dining out, this DIY rule also applies. Refuse to be chained down to a menu and you’ll likely break the price barrier by running up your own savings. The next time you decide to dine out, […]

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Potential Savings via Product Placement

Some say life is a game. So is saving money while you shop. You, the player, are pitted against your opponent, the store or retailer who’s trying to get as much of your money as possible. Whoever has more of your money when you leave the store wins. One of the key ways you can outwit your […]

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Need Space? Think “Up,” Not “Out”

It’s ironic. Many of us in an effort to create more storage space end up using up more valuable in-home real estate. While chests of drawers and shelves, for example, do offer extra places to stash our stuff, they can clutter up a room, too. So, other than give up our stuff, what’s a person […]

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(Useful) Freebies Everyone Can Get

Who can resist the promise of a freebie? Certainly not, I. That’s why I’ve gotten suckered into many such promises only to later be bombarded by spam emails and junk snail mail. The good news—no, the great news—is that not all freebies are created equal. Some really are useful and easily obtained without any negative […]

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Frugal Kid Fun at the Ready

“I’m bored… ” “There’s nothing to do… ” “But I’m tired of that… ” Never mind what a kid’s supposed to do, what about a parent? The long, often whiny groans that accompany a child’s boredom are admittedly hard to take. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of kid-friendly fun likely already at your disposal and the […]

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Heroes of the Frugal Freezer

I love my freezer. Well, make that freezers. In addition to the small icebox up above my standard fridge, I’ve got an additional small freezer in which I stockpile items we use regularly as well as surplus I’m able to snag while on sale. Freezers are great. They work better when they’re full, and so […]

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Pantry Savings All-Stars

If you’re sick of looking into your pantry wondering what in the world to make for dinner—or worse—see only empty shelves staring back at you with little cash to fill them with, take heart. There’s a whole team of pantry savings all-stars ready to rescue you and your budget. So what exactly is a “pantry […]

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Ways Waiting Helps You Save

When can procrastination and—let’s call it like it is—laziness actually help you out? When it comes to saving money! To stretch your budget and fatten your wallet, learning to simply wait can often make all the difference between saving money and wasting it. Patience, a kinder, gentler word than those mentioned above, is not only […]

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