Saving Money in the New Year

Running the rat race that is “keeping up with the Jones” is exhausting. Not only that, it’s an empty endeavor. If you’re not too busy working to afford it, then you’re likely too busy watching everyone else live and not focusing on your own life. Want to have your cake and eat it too? Itis possible. And this can be your year to do it. Over the next several months, I will teach you specific ways to help squeeze water from a rock! Actually, I’ll share concrete tips and techniques to help you make more money, time and space all by simply saving it. And each month, we’ll tackle a new room in the home to do it. During the month of January, we’ll focus specifically on the kitchen.

Making by Saving in the Kitchen

Try to keep your freezer as well stocked as possible. Not only will this habit allow you to always have food on hand, but it will make your freezer less expensive to run as it will retain the cold temperature more easily and will use less energy.

If you have a deep pantry or cabinet that you keep groceries in consider using transparent plastic bins and shoe boxes to store items in. They’ll allow you see what’s on hand more easily because you can slide them in and out like drawers enabling you to make better use of your space as well as save money by not allowing things to go unused.

Make it a habit to cook with wooden utensils and high-temperature silicone. These types of utensils are easier on your cookware and will lengthen their lives! Not to mention, you can’t get more economical than a wooden spoon and silicone spatulas are great at helping you scrap every last drop out of a pot!

Prevent spills and help keep food fresher longer. Use inexpensive binder clips to keep opened bags closed throughout the kitchen. Tightly fold over and cinch with a clip bags of chips, crackers, bagged produce, nuts, etc.

If you want to save money and help lower your family’s fat and cholesterol intake, switch to an egg-white only product instead of using eggs. These kinds of products, however, need to be used within seven days of opening. So, if you buy in bulk or want to save what you won’t use, pour the egg whites into ice cube trays, freeze and store in freezer bags. Then, pull out only what you need and thaw either in the microwave or let them sit in the fridge in a cup or bowl overnight.

Strive to use a microwave or toaster oven to heat up or cook food whenever possible. You’ll save up to 30% of the energy (which can add up on your electricity bill) versus that of a conventional oven.
Turn stove burners off when food is almost finished cooking. There will be enough residual heat to finish the cooking without using excess energy. The same principle applies to the oven.
Make your own convenience foods instead of paying extra for them. Not only will you save money, but your family will be eating better. Items like casseroles, burritos and pizza bread can all be made ahead of time and frozen. Compound your savings by making these items in bulk when the ingredients go sale.

If you’re accustomed to using paper towels in the microwave, switch to paper plates instead. They’re significantly cheaper and using one paper plate is a lot less wasteful than using several paper towels.

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