Become a Savings Superhero

With the price of everything from chocolate to flour to (of course) gas projected to go up, it’s likely that more and more people will be looking for even more ways to save money. With that in mind and our budgets wanting for a bit more breathing room, there’s no time like the present to don our superhero persona of savings. It’s time to become savings sleuths as we seek to take down shockingly high prices and tackle more budget-friendly ways. From one savings superhero to another, let me aid and abet you on your way to dollar-stretching success…

Discover and create ways to never pay full price. How much money you’re actually able to save will directly correlate to how much you prioritize it. Where there’s a will (and most importantly, a need) there’s always a way, even if that means creating a way. Opt to simply make do with what’s currently on hand at home until you can purchase items needed on sale. And then when they are on sale, stock up to bide you until the next sale comes around. By doing so, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll be forced to get creative about problem solving at home also. Skip the advertising frills and the accompanying costs of fancy packaging by opting to shop in the bulk (or by-the-pound) section of your grocery store. Do you take maintenance prescriptions? Re-evaluate how you fill them. It may be substantially cheaper to do so through a mail order prescription service or perhaps by filling a 90 day supply versus 30. Granted, it does take a bit of extra work and effort, but if saving money is a priority and you’re willing to venture out of your comfort zone to find new ways of doing so, you’ll be well rewarded.

Maximize the usability and the lifespan of what you already own. You work hard for your money. What you buy with said money should work at least twice as hard. Keep up with basic maintenance for items you already own in order to ensure they function at their best for the longest time possible. Don’t ignore the warning light on your car’s dash as you’ll likely incur an even heftier bill later on. Don’t cheat for convenience’s sake when cleaning your eyeglasses. Using anything other than a recommended cloth to clean them could render them full of scratches and you left with a hefty bill for a replacement pair. (Invest in a few soft, microfiber cleaning clothes and strategically place them at work, in your car and around your home for easier, more convenient use.) Never underestimate, too, what wonders Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, Gorilla Glue and oxygen-powered cleaning powder can do around your home and to what you already have. From literally erasing crayon “masterpieces” left on walls by toddlers (saving money on paint) to fixing broken chairs or tables (completely eliminating the costs of a replacement) to quickly, easily and almost always lifting set-in stains that had previously refused to budge (sparing already spent budgets the need to fork out cash for more clothing), these three products (Psst! Or their store-label equivalents) truly are must-haves in every savings superhero supply kit!

Opt for items that multi-task, and may have “hidden” or undiscovered talents. Squeeze more value out of items you choose to plunk your money down for by simply being more selective. All things being equal, opt for the product that comes in a reusable container. Select “season-less” items of clothing that can be worn no matter what the weather. (You’ll save money by investing in clothing that can be worn year-round as well as storage space due to not having to pack it away for a portion of the year.) Looking for a few good albeit incognito masters of multipurpose? Baking soda, petroleum jelly and salt, just to name a few. (To learn just a few of the great ways to use these everyday items and why exactly they’re “masters of multipurpose” simply click each one.)

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  1. 20 and Engaged |  Mar 23, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    I’m trying to do all of these things whenever I can so I can save as much money as possible. I’m not shopping without coupons or looking to see if I can get cash back.

  2. Shannon Medisky |  Mar 23, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    Good for you! Hey, if you want even MORE help you can download a free copy of my latest book, Making by Saving: Over 1,000 Ways to Make Money, Time & Space by Simply Saving It. If you’d like to, visit and enter the promo code: HC34V. It will be good for 100% off for the next two weeks only. May you make mountain$ out of molehill$!