Surround Yourself with Like-Minded Savers

Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you how much you’re likely to save. We naturally often surround ourselves with others who share the same values and interests, but how much thought and effort do we give to keeping company with those who have the same savings-minded goals? Doing so, not only helps keep us free from unnecessary temptation (a friend who pushes us to purchase is truly not a real friend), but also increases the opportunities for learning even more ways to save. After all, two—and even more—heads are most definitely better than one when it comes to saving money!

Avoid being sabotaged by spenders by skipping the friends who continually seem to pressure you to whip out cash. From expensive meals out to the “Go ahead! You deserve it!” touts, supposed friends may be fun to be around, but they’re most definitely not looking out for your best interests, including those of the financial variety. Instead, opt to spend more time with others who share your desire to save. You’ll appreciate the support and encouragement and your budget will likely appreciate the extra breathing room.

Be sure to take advantage of the added (financial) kick-backs keeping such company can bring, too. Bond and share the wealth and the savings, also, by keeping an eye out for specials, discounts and coupons each other may be interested in. Visit membership warehouses together and split the purchase and the bill. For birthdays and other holidays, agree in advance to not exchange gifts or put a spending cap on such expenditures. Don’t forget to take advantage of their opinions and experiences as well. There’s nothing better than getting a free, honest report on a product or service you’ve been considering before you shell out your cash. Just be sure to share your wealth of knowledge and experiences, too!

Fortunately, finding like-minded savers has never been easier, either. Chances are, they’re already all around you at work, on the bus or at your children’s school. In this economic climate, nearly everyone’s out to save a buck and snag a value, so striking up a conversation is easy. You can immediately and effortlessly draw a small crowd around you by spilling the beans on a new business in the area or letting everyone know of a great sale down the road. Misery may love company, but the savings-minded variety like it even more!

Company of the virtual variety can be great resource also. From message boards to blogs devoted to savings to email newletters, you need only snoop around online a bit to find sites that are targeted to your specific interests and needs. If you’re hesitant to sign up at such sites due to the possible (and, honestly, sometimes inevitable) on slot of emails and spam, consider creating an email account just for such purposes. With the wide variety of free email services out there, doing so can be quick, easy and free and, best of all, it can help protect your main email account from filling up faster than the cost of gas rises!

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