Tools of the “Get More, Save More” Trade

It’s good, common sense that having the right tools makes any job easier. You don’t set out to bake a cake without, first, having the necessary ingredients. Likewise, in order to get the most for the least amount of money, it makes sense to review the tools of the money-saving trade.


Coupons: Clip ‘em and cash ‘em in. Yep, even in this day and age of an ever increasingly paperless society, they’re still around for a reason – they work! Whether you’re a traditionalist and seek them inside the Sunday newspaper insert or prefer an online print-on-demand format, make sure you’re taking advantage of savings coupons can offer you. Would you opt to throw away a couple of quarters rather than throw them in your pocket or purse? Didn’t think so. Why, then, not take the extra few seconds to cash in on a coupon? Tired of looking for them? Let them come to you by registering at your favorite manufacturers’ websites. You’ll likely receive coupons regularly either in the snail mail or in your email for the products you already purchase anyway.

Let loyalty pay you back. Take advantage of grocery, retail and credit card programs. Companies are our obviously out there to make money off of getting yours. They also know they’re competing for your business and more and more companies are looking to get their hands on your business (and subsequent money) by offering a variety of loyalty programs. From immediate discounts at checkout courtesy of a swipe of your loyalty card to quarterly or yearly rebate programs to point accrual towards trade-in for a variety of different rewards, make sure you’re cashing in on these free customer incentives.

Cash in and save courtesy of who you know. Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll let you how much money you can save. If you’re a card-carrying member of any organization, you can likely cash in on associated savings. After all, there’s strength – and potential savings – in numbers. Checkout your organizations site for itemized discount information, but don’t forget to downright ask around as well. Chances are, even if the answer is “no” to a discount via your current membership, you may learn of other discounts or coupons you can take advantage of in the process.

Exploit your age to keep cash in your pocket. Don’t be shy about putting your wealth of years to your advantage in keeping wealth in your wallet. Seek out stores that offer “senior discount day” or restaurants that offer an “honored senior menu.” Got kids? Keep cash by taking advantage of pint-sized prices when it comes to movies, attractions and eating out.

Take advantage of what you do to snag a discount. If you’re a teacher, cash in on teacher discount programs. If you home-school your children, ask around for special educator discounts as well. (Yep, you bet you count as an educator!) Are you a former or current military member? Speak up and turn it into tangible savings on your bill for everything from dining out to insurance discounts to even savings on travel arrangements.

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