2007 Year-to-Date 4-Week T-Bill Rates

As some popular online savings banks recently slashed their rates (GMAC from 5.25% to 5.00%, Citi e-Savings from 5.00% to 4.75%), the rates of 4-week were on the rise, at least in the first month of 2007.

The rate ended 2006 at 4.742% APR. On January 30th, the rate of 4-week T-bill was 4.972%, which equivalents to a 5.45% EAPY for NJ residents. Comparing to the offers from online banks, the T-bill rate is very competitive with two minor drawbacks:

  • A minimum of $1,000 purchase
  • A holding period of 4 weeks

If you are interested in investing in T-bills, here are some steps on how to make a purchase. You do, however, have to have a TreasuryDirect account which can take up to two weeks to become available after applying online.

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