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Lending Club Loan Portfolio Diversification

As I mentioned earlier in the  asset allocation article, for whatever investment, there’s always a relationship between risk and reward. If I want to have a bigger reward, I will almost certainly have to take a higher risk. When building a investment portfolio, it’s always the case of finding the balance between the two, by taking […]

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How to Evaluate a Lending Club Loan

I have been using Lending Club to build a small alternative investment portfolio since early 2009. One of the reasons that I got into peer-to-peer lending, though I have initially resisted the idea, is that the returns I got from savings account were just too low. In the past two years since I started, I have […]

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Prosper 5th Birthday Promotion

Prosper, one of the leading peer-to-peer lending providers, is celebrating its 5th Birthday on Thursday, February 17th, by making the second payment up to $300 for you if you become a borrower on February 17th and list a loan. Prosper recently lowered borrower rates. Now individuals with excellent credit can 1-year borrow personal loans through […]

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Lending Club Lowers Borrower Interest Rates

Leading social lending platform provider Lending Club announced early this week that it has lowered the starting interest rate on unsecured personal loans from 7.93% to 6.78% for 36-month term loans (Lending Club also lets borrowers borrow 60-month loans) that could be as much as $25,000. According to Lending Club, the rate cut is “in response […]

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Where to Buy Gold

In case you didn’t notice, the price of gold has broken some new highs lately. The latest rally was fueled by comments made after the Fed meeting early this week, which were interpreted by some as signs that more greenbacks will be printed in order to boost the economic recovery that has slowed dramatically in […]

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Lending Club Loan Investment Update

It has been quite a while since I last updated my Lending Club investments. While I am still buying new loans from time to time, I admit that I haven’t been very active in managing my investments. Basically, what I do now is log into my account once, or maybe twice a month and invest […]

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Lending Club Introduces 5-Year Notes

Until now, all the notes issued by Lending Club have the same term. Even if the borrower wants to have  a longer term loan at the expense of higher interest, there was just no such an option when they borrowed money through Lending Club. Unlike other traditional loans that come with different terms such as […]

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Lending Club Loan Update

I am still investing in Lending Club loans as an alternative investment, but I must admit that I am a little disappointed by the performance of my investments, especially when two loans went bad after only two months since they were issued. Overall, the number loans and the number of late and charge-off all grew […]

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