Bought another Piece of Gold from Bullion Direct

Gold barA little over one year ago, I bought a Buffalo gold coin from Bullion Direct (my review of Bullion Direct) when the price was around $640 an ounce. Somehow, I never considered that as an investment, though gold has gained a lot in the past year. Currently at $885, gold actually made a good investment :)

Since then, I have always been thinking of getting another one, again not because of the rising gold price. We have two daughters, so we want to have two pieces. After watching gold went all the way to $1030/ounce then pulled back to under $900, I did what I have been waiting to do: I bought another piece of gold yesterday at $908 from Bullion Direct! This time I didn’t buy the coin. It’s a 1-ounce gold bar.

Will I buy another one? Probably not, at least not before it drops to under $640 if it can go down that much. I certainly hope it won’t return to that level :D

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