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Record Gold Price, Again

US stocks reversed course Wednesday, making a 240+ points swing from down 154 points to close the session up 90 points. As stocks turned around, gold also got a boost to reach a new record of $945.80 an ounce. The precious metal rallied after a government report showed that inflation picked up stem in January […]

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Record Gold Price, Countrywide Bankruptcy Rumor, and Live 14 Years Longer

The last time that gold was at $875 an ounce level was 28 years ago on January 21, 1980. Since them, gold has been in an extended bear market in almost 20 years until the current upward trend started in 2001. Today, gold contract reached a new all time high at $883.89/ounce before easing a […]

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Prices of Gold Coins: How are They Determined?

Did you ever wonder why the prices of bullion coins containing the same amount of gold are different and how they are determined? Yesterday, I read an article on (I also subscribe to their free daily Gold Seeker Report, which provides a nice summary of the precious market) that explains the prices discrepancy among […]

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Random News: Value of My Buffalo Gold Coin, Supermodel Refusing US Dollars, and China’s Diversification Plan

Eight months ago, I bought an American Buffalo gold coin from Bullion Direct (take a look at why I chose Bullion Direct) when the price of spot gold was around $650 an ounce. With gold price reaches 27-year high, the appreciation of my gold coin is also significant. The total cost of the coin back […]

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Gold: Is $1000 an Ounce in the Offering?

Gold price has risen sharply in the past month, going up from $680 an ounce on September 5, to $741 on October 5. One of the reasons that pushed gold to 28-year high was the recent Fed rate cut and speculations that there will be one more reduction in federal funds rate before the year […]

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Gold Price Climbs Back to $700/Ounce

This stock market in the past month didn’t offer investors much of joy as major indexes gave back a big chunk of their gains after peaked later July. At the same time, gold has made a quite come back to close at a six-month high of $694 an ounce yesterday. It could go over $700 […]

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So How’s My American Buffalo Gold Coin Doing?

It has been more than a month since I bought one (and only one) American Buffalo gold coin from Bullion Direct. The coin was received about two weeks after the order was placed (the hold period that they require to clear the check and release the coin for shipment) in excellent shape. The price I […]

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Invest in Gold (II) — GoldMoney: Buy Gold and Use it as a Checking Account

This is the second part of the Invest in Gold series. In the first part, I compared several gold dealers, mainly from the angle of price (price of the gold, shipping fees, and insurance charges), and the direct outcome of that research was the purchase of a gold coin myself last week from Bullion Direct. […]

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