ETFMarketPro ETF Research Tool Review

As an investor of exchange traded funds (ETFs), I am always on the lookout for new ETF research tools to make researching and investing a little easier. In the past, I have discussed a few tools that I found, such as the ETF rating tool from XTF. And usually when I research an ETF, I first go to Morningstar where I can find some basic information about the fund if I know what I am looking for. Morningstar also has a huge list of all the ETFs available, which is quite convenient.

For Morningstar’s list, the problem is it can only group ETFs based on their investment styles, such as large-cap, small-cap, growth or value, etc., but not the investment “theme” of the funds (what the fund is investing in). For example, if I want to check out EFTs investing in water, I am going to have a hard time finding all the funds from Morningstar’s list. However, most of the time I do want to know all the funds investing in a certain industrial area so I can have an idea of what my options are. That would be nice.

Well, over the weekend I stumbled upon another tool that gives me just that. It’s from a website called ETFMarketPro. What it offers is a ETF Themes that I didn’t find anywhere else:

ETF Themes

Everything is clearly categorized. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

And if I go to the Water category as I wanted, I can find a section about Water ETFs in general, as well as the top performers in this group. And of course, the list of all Water ETFs:

Water ETFs

I am still exploring the site to see whatelse it has to offer, but so far from what I can see, I think it’s a decent tool. Try it and let me know what you think.

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